November 28th – December 2nd, 2014. Belgrade

THE BALKAN FILM CONNECTION is a 5-day educational program and networking platform in the frame of AUTEUR FILM FESTIVAL in Belgrade, dedicated to Southeast European film students and young professionals. It consists of workshops, interactive lectures, discussions and film projections, with the aim of providing the participants with first-hand insight and practical knowledge about the ever-changing contemporary international film-making scene, establishing firmer cooperation between young film-makers in the region and at the same time encouraging them to develop their personal, unique auteur films. The participants are 30 film directors, script-writers and producers who are either students in their last year of study or young professionals from Southeast Europe.


The theme of the first edition is:


We live in a fast changing world. The way we shoot and screen films, their content and esthetics is changing as well. The world economic crises has influenced the traditional ways of film financing, while new technologies are opening up new possibilities.

How to find your way as a young film-maker in such a world?
How to connect, update, upgrade and at the same time develop and maintain your own personal style and point of view?

We’ll try to find the answers through numerous relevant workshops, interactive lectures and discussions with renowned film auteurs and experts.