CASE STUDY: #JustSaying Creative Team: „Challenges of Film-Making for the Internet“
The creative team behind the first Balkan web series #JustSaying, explains the challenges of new media and their personal experiences with this project, which has been awarded the Golden Satellite Award for best original web series. The case study focuses on the specific structure of this format as well as on the way it changes the traditional approach to storytelling and production.


INTERACTIVE LECTURE: Krishna Stott: “How Transmedia Storyworlds Save the Future of Storytelling”
In a complex and crowded new world, storytelling these days often requires more than just one media. This lecture will demonstrate where the important new multimedia forms of storytelling have come from, show successful project examples (both creative and business) and reveal where these stories are heading to. What is Transmedia? Why is the future Storyworld shaped? How do I get started? Learn what you need to know to future-proof your projects and career. Lecture delivered by award winning story and technology pioneer, Krishna Stott.


INTERACTIVE LECTURE: Boris Miljković „Creating an Idea“ (in cooperation with FILMKULTURA)
Ideas don’t just appear. They are scrambled, born and taken away from many different aspects of life. How do you recognize an idea? How do you nurture it? How do you
use it for an original piece of art? How to communicate your idea and survive the possibility of being ridiculed, fired, forgotten or deleted? Boris Miljković, acclaimed director, author, professor, advertiser and cook, answers all of these and many other questions about ideas.


INTERACTIVE LECTURE: Philipp Hoffmann: "Marketing and Selling Your Film in the Changing Landscapes” (in cooperation with NIPKOW PROGRAMM )
Film distribution is undergoing important changes and challenges. While cinemas are struggling to keep audiences, new ways of distribution like VOD are opening up new possibilities. How to find a spotlight for your specific film? How and to whom to market it? Philipp Hoffmann talks about his experience in one of Europe’s leading world sales companies and about the new exciting possibilities which digital technologies bring to the table.


INTERACTIVE LECTURE: Fabian Haslob: “Legal Aspects of Filmmaking for Authors and Directors” (in cooperation with NIPKOW PROGRAMM)
With numerous vivid examples, Fabian Haslob expertly and charmingly explains some of the grey zones of copyright, European co-production contract rights and general legal issues. Participants are welcome to ask questions regarding their specific projects. Get to know your rights!


CASE STUDY: Nadia Turincev: “Making Art on a Shoestring”
French producer, Nadia Turincev (Rouge International), faced a lot of unusual problems while fighting with micro financing to make Ben Russell and Ben Rivers’ unconventional art film project, A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS. But they made it and the result is an unexpected cinematic journey, selected in more than 60 film festivals worldwide, already theatrically distributed in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Spain and soon in France, possibly together with an art installation... Turincev, who also worked as an artistic director of the Moscow IFF, is part of the selection committee of Cannes’ Directors Fortnight and general secretary of the European Producers Club, talks about a producer’s fight for fulfilling an artistic vision, managing micro-budgets and exciting fields where films and visual arts meet.


WORKSHOP: Krishna Stott: “How to Create a Transmedia Storyworld for Your Story”
Storyworlds are an important new development in the business of storytelling. The creation of a Storyworld simplifies the making of extra story content and gives you material, ready to meet the many new opportunities of multiplatform distribution and promotion.
In addition to the business angle, a Storyworld gives you creative opportunities to introduce new dimensions and facets to your story that will all retain the magic of your original idea/ script/ film.
This half day practical workshop will introduce you to the concept of “Storyworld Development Techniques” and give you the most useful techniques to use in expanding your own story, all under the supervision of award winning story and technology pioneer, Krishna Stott.


INTERACTIVE LECTURE: Mira Staleva: “Alternative approaches to the audience”
Through numerous concrete examples, Mira Staleva’s interactive lecture explores different, non-traditional approaches to the audience in distribution and exhibition, with a special emphasis on festivals. How to reach a wider audience and keep it? For over a decade, Staleva has been the head of one of the most important co-production markets in the Balkans, Sofia Meetings, within the frame of Sofia IFF. She’s also part of the film company Art Fest, acting as a producer, distributor and exhibitor.


CASE STUDY: Anna Bruggemann “Everything Old is New Again?”
This year Berlinale’s Best Script Award winner Anna Bruggemann (STATIONS OF THE CROSS) has employed a 2 millennia old structure to tell a story about the present. Can we envision something brand new and so far untold? How do archetypes translate to the modern times? Can old patterns help answer new questions? How modern are we? What are today’s “new territories”?


DISCUSSION:Financing Balkan Films in the Time of Crises
Some of the key figures in contemporary Balkan film production will share their experience on the possibilities and threats of today's film financing in the region, as well as their glance into the near future and the changes they expect.

The Balkans as a coherent financing playground; the importance of strong partnerships and joint project slates between regional producers; the possibilities that co-production markets offer and the requirements they present; the prospect of broadcasters and tax credits as funding bodies - are just some of the topics aimed at stimulating the participants' imagination and expanding their horizons for future efforts in diverse film-making adventures.

Panelists: Čedomir Kolar (France), Daniel Hočevar (Slovenia), Elma Tataragić (Bosnia),
Jelena Mitrović (Serbia), Mira Staleva (Bulgaria), Miroslav Mogorović (Serbia)...


CASE STUDY: Samuel Theis: „It’s a Family Affair”
Samuel Theis’ debut film, PARTY GIRL, centers around an ageing woman who spent her whole life being a nightclub hostess and partying hard. When she decides to settle down and get married, she needs to face a whole new world to her - ordinary life. Samuel Theis co-written and co-directed this semi-autobiographical story about his mother Angelique, who also plays herself in the movie. Case study of this year's Cannes’ winner of Camera d'Or  raises the question: how do you make a film with your own family, about your own family? Also, it vividly explores the process of creating fiction out of real events.


CASE STUDY: Cutter Hodierne: “FISHING WITHOUT NETS: From Short to Feature”
Cutter Hodierne won Best Directing Award at this year ’s Sundance Film Festival with his exciting Somali pirates drama, FISHING WITHOUT NETS. Hodierne will talk about his specific directing style and the process of extending his short film into a feature, since FISHING WITHOUT NETS started first as a short film that won Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2012. What are the advantages and disadvantages of developing your short film into a first feature?


DISCUSSION: The New Balkans?
The term Balkan is not usually associated with positive connotations. Even in Balkan languages, it’s a synonym for something archaic, primitive, chaotic... On the other hand, the term to Balkanize has also entered international dictionaries. As Oxford dictionary explains, to Balkanize means: “to divide (a region or body) into smaller mutually hostile states or groups”.
At a time when the whole world seems to be Balkanized, how is the real Balkans doing outside the dictionaries? What do young Balkan film-makers think about these stereotypes? Is there a Balkan identity? In the time of fast and easy communication, how much do we actually know about each other? How much does contemporary Balkan cinema challenge stereotypes? How does it portray the region? Can we talk about the New Balkans?


CASE STUDY: Alice Rohrwacher: “Growing Wonders”
One of the leading new voices of European cinema, a young Italian director Alice Rohrwacher, has made two feature films, both of them poetic coming-of-age tales about facing the complex adult world. Her debut, CORPO CELESTE, brought her many international prizes, while THE WONDERS won this year's Cannes Grand Prix. THE WONDERS revolves around a family which lives outside modern society and refuses to obey its rules, while the oldest daughter desperately seeks to find a place where she belongs. The case study examines the director's extraordinary take on childhood, gentle and harsh at the same time, through images carefully selected from her imagination as well as from her own youth.


CASE STUDY: Danis Tanović „And Now for Something Completely Different
After the fantastic success of his debut film, NO ONE’S LAND (Oscar, Cannes’ Best Script Award), Bosnian director Danis Tanović shot several high budget films (TRIAGE, L'ENFER) only to make an unexpected turn with the independent, micro budget EPISODE IN THE LIFE OF AN IRON PICKER (Berlinale’s Grand Jury Prize and the Silver Bear for Best Actor), while his newest film TIGERS was shot in a completely different environment and culture – India. With Tanović we discuss how much courage the director needs to start shooting something completely different from anything else he’s ever done before, and what were the challenges on that path.


DISCUSSION: Cristoph Terhechte, Nikolaj Nikitin and Bernd Buder: „What Do International Film Festivals Want, Actually?“
In an interactive discussion with BFC participants, Berlinale Forum director Cristoph Terhechte and Berlinale pre-selectors for Southeastern Europe, Nikolaj Nikitin and Bernd Buder, explain the process of selecting films for the festival, share their thoughts on Balkan cinema and discuss the future of film festivals.








FILMKULTURA is a Belgrade based organization dedicated to education in audiovisual culture and art, whose goal is the stimulation of a critical approach in the specified fields. FILMKULTURA focuses greatly on children and youth audience, but also stimulates the connection between film professionals, as well as their perfecting and specialization.



The Auteur Film Festival is hosting an Open Day series of lectures with Q&A organized by the NIPKOW PROGRAMM entitled "Marketing and Selling Your Film in the Changing Landscapes" by Philipp Hoffmann and "Legal Aspects of Filmmaking for Authors and Directors" by Fabian Haslob. With their permission, we include the lectures in our program as well.